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Welcome to the online learning site of Namashivaya Yoga!

All of the programs featured on this site allow you to deepen your yoga practice online from the comfort of your own home or from the comfort of your own home.

​ I pray that it will be a place to connect everyone with the wisdom of yoga.

Dr. Tage Monga

namashivaya yoga

​Founder International Director


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Yoga Philosophy Course

In Depth Study

What you need to know as Yoga Instructor is not only postures!

11 curriculum of in depth Yoga Philosophy taught by Dr. Tej Monga

A yoga instructor who only poses is graduating!
Yoga philosophy online program to learn from authentic Indian teachers

~Acquire the spirit of yoga with 11 curriculums~


master program

raja yoga

​Bhakti Yoga

​Master Program

——Based on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

Learn and experience the secrets of Raja Yoga with Tage Sensei——

With Yoga Sutra by Maharishi Patanjali,

let's study the depth of Raja Yoga with Dr. Tej Monga and experience within


RYT500 online

Instructor training course

Teacher Training

Namah Shivaya Yoga Teacher Training rates 4.88 in Yoga Alliance! 

Join our exclusive program Online Now!

Namashivaya teacher training

online for now​Available

Start January 2023

~ Yoga to learn from home by connecting with India

​yoga for pregnancy

Yoga for Fertility

——To give life...Heal and condition the mind and body through the holistic practice of yoga——

To get pregnant is a gift from the universe . pregnant will increase substantially. 


Notebook for "Likita Japan" Writing Meditation

LIkita Japa 2

Notes for Writing Meditation "Likitajapa"

“Ohm Note”

​Scientifically verified meditation method

Those who take the path of yoga seriously

And to all those who wish to spend their days in peace———

It's a book I want you to have


Contact us from here

Email :  

Thank you very much for contacting Namah Shivaya.

Sleeping Yoga Yoga Nidra

​Would you like to listen to the audio guide and relax?

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