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Satsanga with Tage Sensei

Meditation, Chanting, Yoga Nidra

Have a calming weekend practicing meditation, chanting and yoga nidra with Ms. Tage...

To the what?

What we do

Satsanga = True Companion

​ Satsanga is a group of people who practice together to live a better life and move forward in life.

In this 'Satsanga with Thage Sensei', each one enjoys meditation, kirtan chanting and yoga nidra practices under the lead of Thage Sensei.

Recommended for people like this

・ I want to make meditation a habit

・I want to improve the quality of my sleep

・ I want to know how to relieve tension and stress

・Interested in kirtan, chanting and mantras

・I want to change my life for the better

・ Interested in Chakra Kundalini​

​ ・ People who want to spend their time cheerfully

・Interested in Indian yoga

​・People who want to feel the waves of Tage's powerful voice

Three practices bring about purification and deep relaxation from the physical and subtle bodies.

​Guided Meditation

guided meditation

Kirtan Chanting

kirtan chanting

Yoga Nidra

​ Yoga Nidra

  • Meditation is guided, so even beginners can practice it. Since it is done sitting down, you can participate from a cushion, sofa, bed, etc.

  • ​Chanting is chanting a mantra aloud. Chant a simple mantra along with the melody while listening to Mr. Tage's voice. Your voice cannot be heard by others.

  • Yoga Nidra is performed while lying on your back. Keep your eyes closed and your body still. While listening to the voice of the teacher, you can experience deeper relaxation from your body.

2nd and 4th Saturdays 21:00 JST / 17:30 IST (40 minutes)

  • January 14, 28 / February 11, 25 / March 11, 25 / April 8, 22 / May 13, 27 / June 10, 24, 2023
    ​July 8, 22 / August 12, 26 / September 9, 23 / October 14, 28 / November 11, 25 / December 9, 23・・・

Fee structure

​Satsanga Path

​1 month

2500 Yen

Satsanga ​Family Pass

​1 month

3000 yen

  • ​​You can purchase it even if it's not the beginning of the month. It will be automatically renewed on the 1st of the following month.

  • ​Family pass is for class members participating together under one roof (2 or more people can participate)

  • Namashivaya Yoga Monthly Pass HoldersTuition fee will be waived

to participate

Buy your satsanga tickets here.

​You will receive a link to join. Reservations are not required every time.



Profile Dr. Tej Monga.jpg

Dr. Tej Monga

Founder of Namashivaya Yoga, President of International (USA, India, Mexico, Japan)
Former Advisor of Yoga Alliance USA

Baharat Udiyog Ratan President Dr. Abdul Kalam Gold Award Winner
Baharat Ratna Dr. Abdul Kalam Gold Award Winner

Ashcroft University (London) Ph.D.
Graduated from Jawarlal Nehru University Graduate School of IET Master of Engineering

Born in India, has been active in the United States for 20 years.

Summarize the essence of traditional yoga and found Namashivaya Yoga.

Started teacher training in the United States and Mexico. Has been practicing and practicing yoga for over 26 years. He has been trained by Sivananda in the Himalayas, Rishikesh and Uttarakashi, India.

He practices original chakra healing based on Reiki and Mahakala Healing.




What is necessary for taking the course (setting environment)?

If you have a computer or smartphone, you can take the course.


It's my first time to practice meditation, etc. Is it okay?

Yes, newcomers are welcome! We value the experience of comfort beyond thinking about difficult things.


It's night, so is it okay if I just go to sleep?

Yes.No problem. We recommend that you fall asleep through yoga nidra.

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