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yoga for pregnancy

〜6 Weeks Program of Holistic Practice〜

6 weeks holistic program

Pregnancy is a gift from the Universe.

If you can practice yoga, eat a healthy pregnancy diet, balance your hormones, remove stress from your nervous system, and live a natural, holistic lifestyle,

You can increase your chances of getting pregnant.


There are many reasons why people in modern society struggle with infertility. for example,


-Energy blockage in reproductive organs


・Alcohol or smoking

・ Lifestyle disturbances such as lack of sleep


The practice of yoga poses and breathing techniques is a safe, effective and holistic approach.


At Namashivaya Yoga, we have seen many successful pregnancies through the comprehensive practice of yoga with us.

The 6-week program sheds stagnant energy blockages in the reproductive system, reduces stress, and balances hormones.

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