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Om Notebook 

for Likita Japan, Writing Meditation

Created for writing meditation

​Ohm Note

Industry first!

A dedicated notebook for meditation

"Ohm Note"


About Om Notebook

Those who take the path of yoga seriously,

And to all those who wish to spend their days in peace


yoga meditation

What is yoga meditation

Maharishi Patanjali showed the method in the eight limbs in his "Yoga Sutras" (compiled around the 4th and 5th centuries). Modern yoga tends to focus on physical poses, but the original purpose of the poses was to lead to meditation and enlightenment.

*8 What is a support rule?

① Yama [Forbidden]

② Niyama [Admonition]

③ Asana posture (= pose)

(4) Pranayama (breathing method)

⑤ Pratyahara [withdrawal of senses]

⑥ Darana [Concentration]

⑦ Dhyana [Meditation]

⑧ Samadhi [Enlightenment]

2017_Pushkar_Best__DSC1345 copy.JPG

The eight limbs represent a comprehensive yoga practice in everyday life.

7 To reach meditation,(1) Prohibition (2) Recommendationbegins with the attitude to do the right thing in③ Sitting method ④ Choki methodBy doing poses and breathing methods unique to yoga in⑤ Withdrawal of sensesAt this point, the consciousness that was facing outward gradually begins to turn one point withinconcentrationonly after being able to⑦Meditationwill start soon.


Likita Japan

Why Write Meditation?

Living in a rapidly changing modern society, it is very difficult for us to calm down and concentrate on one thing. Writing meditation (Likita Japa) is one of the traditional meditation techniques. Unlike meditation that is done with your eyes closed, it involves the action of writing, making it easy to start, easy to continue, and easy to follow your own progress. While feeling the sound of the mantra in your heart, you will copy the feeling on paper.


​I want to improve my concentration

I want to calm down

I'm not good at sitting meditation​

​There is something I want to achieve

​ I want to spend my time at home meaningfully

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Meaning of Om

ohm meaning

Mantra is a Sanskrit sound energy that means "man" = mind and "tra" = release. The more you chant the mantra, the more it frees and purifies your mind. In layman's terms, it helps clear your head and mind and let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

Ohm[ॐ]What is


It is the wave of "the source of the creation of the universe" which can be said to be the primordial sound in the mantra. Accurately composed of the sound "A-U-M", this sound is described in the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, and other sacred texts as the most important concept for understanding the universe. increase. Even in modern India, this Om sign [ॐ] is written everywhere in the town.


Benefits of Meditation Using Om Mantras


clear mind

Get rid of negative thoughts and samskaras

improve concentration

purify the conscious and subconscious mind

sharpen the intellect

Helps you overcome life's challenges

overcome fear of death

​Be prepared to lead to enlightenment from deep meditation


How to use this notebook

how to use notebook

  • Rikitajapa can be done at any time of the day. Open your ohm notebook and make a habit of sitting.
    Also, it is recommended to make time for Likita Japa as much as possible before going to bed. Bedtime is the time to cleanse yourself of the harmful emotions that have accumulated during the day. Dreams reflected by a purified mind are important messages to yourself.


  • Set a goal for how much you can write at one time. It is recommended that you write one page per day and complete the notebook in three months. [1 page: 704 times, 1 volume: 90 pages]
    If your teacher has given you specific instructions on how many times to write, make that your goal.

  • Enter the year, month and day at the top of each page. ​

  • Keep the completed Ohm Note in a safe place.

Likita Japa.JPG

How to write Om

stroke order of ohm

When you write ohm, you feel 'ohm' in your heart.

Also, if you have a personal mantra that starts with OM, you write OM while chanting it in your mind.



Practitioner's Voice

When I was struggling with infertilityI started at the recommendation of Mr. Tage. By carefully writing ॐ one by one, my mind has calmed down. I concentrate so much on Rikitajapa, so after every time I finish writing, my head feels refreshed. And after allI was able to have a child! (Mr. H)

When I started practicing meditation, when I couldn't concentrate on meditation, I tried to do Likita Japa instead of meditating.
I have something I can rely on when I can't sleep!When I can't sleep in the futon, I tend to look at my smartphone and think about various things, and I tend to do a vicious cycle of not being able to sleep more."When I can't sleep, I do Rikita Japa"After deciding and putting it into practice,I was freed from the anxiety about sleep and the guilt of not being able to sleep. (Mr. Tae


Just because of the coronavirus pandemic, I often became mentally unstable due to anxiety and fear. I started Rikita Japa in hopes of calming my mind.
As you write the OM while chanting the mantra in your head,Anxiety and worries calmed down. I was more anxious than necessary due to this pandemic, but by doing Rikita Japa,With my feet on the ground, I am now able to think deeply about what I really want to do and how to live in the present.
Up until now, I was not good at mental control, and it was difficult for me to be swayed by my emotions.Rikitajapa has made it easier for me to control my mental state, and I am less likely to be swayed by my emotions.(Mr. Yoko)

When I started teaching yoga to others, I realized that I couldn't teach people something I hadn't practiced before, and that I had to try it myself.Through Rikita Japa, a personal mantra began to well up within me very naturally, whether in my meditation practice or in my daily life.I feel.


After completing the 125,000 times recommended by the teacher (two notebooks), my second child was born, and my body changed, my life changed, and my relationship with my family changed. In addition to that, there was also a change in the social environment called corona. My mind was bewildered and agitated each time I felt that change. There have been times when I have become distraught. Then I chant my personal mantra. I naturally developed the habit of doing so. Then I calmly observed the state of my mind. Be it Sattvic, Rajasic or Tamasic, without denying or pessimisticFirst of all, I try to accept it and try to respond to daily changes. I believe that I am able to do that as a result of studying the philosophy of yoga and working on Likita Japa.. (Yumiko Nakatani)


・Tage-sensei said that if you write 125,000 times (2 notebooks), a miracle will happen. I started from the day I heard those words.Aiming for the endless number of 125,000. It took me 1 year and 3 months to finish writing. The last one isGratitudeIt came to the bubbly. I am grateful for many things, including my family, friends, staff, food, nature, everything that reaches me, and even the air. Thank you. I was overwhelmed with emotion.After I finished writing it, I naturally cried.. (Shizuko Ohira)

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