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Yoga Philosophy Course

~ Acquire the spirit of yoga with 11 videos ~

Yoga has a history of 4500 years in India.
"Yoga Philosophy Course" where you can learn the wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation with videos!

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You can download ​ and watch it as many times as you like from your smartphone or computer at any time!

  Teacher Tagelive lecture video

The founder of Namasi Vaya Yoga and a yoga master with 30 years of experience in yoga and meditation, this course teaches you the wisdom of yoga that he has personally received and practiced. We recorded a Live class in Rishikesh, India, a traditional place for learning yoga.

Recommended for people like this

  • Those who want to learn at their own pace

  • Those who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga

  • ​Those who want to start or deepen their meditation practice

  • Those who want to practice a better way of life

  • Those who want to apply the philosophy of yoga to human relationships such as workplaces

  • inner growth of self

  • Already qualified yoga practitioners seeking new learning and teaching opportunities

  • Those who want to find their own way of life

  • Those who are unsure of how to live, those who lack self-confidence

what you get

  • The Essence of the Science of Yoga

  • Practical Skills for a Better Life Using the Science of Yoga

  • Pleasant sensations from soul level

  • Understanding the meaning of life

  • inner growth of self

  • ​Improved quality of meditation

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11 videos

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・1 video: 2900 yen

・Purchase 11 videos at once: 29800 yen

・If purchased together, ​1 free videoIt is profitable to become

・ Bulk purchase privilege: Gift of a notebook summarizing the main points of each lecture

・ All downloadable, you can watch from your smartphone or PC anytime you like​



life goals and stages

​ (Overview)

  • What is Yoga? What is the true meaning of yoga practice?

  • Why do we suffer and how can we deal with it?
    Expanding the popular definition of "yoga" and understanding what it means to practice yoga in one's life




​ (Overview)

  • What does it mean to lead a harmonious life? What is the meaning of being born in this world? learn important concepts to understand

  • 4 life goals (dharma: life purpose, artha: success, kama: enjoy life, moksha: liberation)

  • The four stages of life (brahmacharya: student stage, grihastha: family stage, vanaprastha: retirement stage, sannyasa: renunciation stage)




​ (Overview)

  • ​Understand the meaning of the root sound of the universe "Om", the importance and effect of chanting, and how to write letters


4 Paths of Yoga

​Four Paths of Yoga

​ (Overview)

  • What is a mantra?

  • Learn Gayatri Mantra, Mahamrithunjaya Mantra and 5 Mantras for Meditation


8 limbed paths of yoga

​The eight limbs of yoga

​ (Overview)

  • 'Karma Yoga' Path of Selflessness, Service Activity 'Bhakti Yoga' Path of Devotion 'Raja Yoga' Path of Introspection 'Jana Yoga' Path of Knowledge

  • All are practiced in relation to each other, a process of purification that connects within the self.

  • Everything is a path towards one's soul (= samadhi, enlightenment)




​ (Overview)

  •   Learn more about the systematic and scientific method advocated by Maharishi Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras

  • ①Yama: moral code ②Niyama: code of conduct ③Asana: sitting posture ④Pranayama: breathing method⑤ Pratyahara: Constraint ⑥ Dharana: Concentration ⑦ Dhyana: Meditation ⑧ Samadhi: Enlightenment



​ Samskara

​ (Overview)

  • What is the energy path "Nadi", the energy intersection "Chakra", and the sleeping energy "Kundalini"?

  • Learn the characteristics of each chakra and what causes clogging


3 Gunas

​ Guna

​ (Overview)

  • Impression that remains in the subconscious What is "Samskara"?

  • ​How Samskara Impacts Your Daily Life?

  • How to get rid of negative samskaras?




​ (Overview)

  • What are the 3 types of karma?

  • Know how karma affects reincarnation​





​ (Overview)

  • Understanding the 3 Gunas: Sattva: Purity / Rajas: Intense / Tamas: Darkness

  • ​What can you do to reach Sattva?


11 videos

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Makiko Namah Shivaya Yoga.jpg

Dr. Tej Monga (E-RYT500 YACEP)

Founder of Namashivaya Yoga, President of International (USA, India, Mexico, Japan)
Former Advisor of Yoga Alliance USA

Baharat Udiyog Ratan President Dr. Abdul Kalam Gold Award Winner
Baharat Ratna Dr. Abdul Kalam Gold Award Winner

Ashcroft University (London) Ph.D.
Graduated from Jawarlal Nehru University Graduate School of IET Master of Engineering

Born in India, has been active in the United States for 20 years.

Summarize the essence of traditional yoga and found Namashivaya Yoga.

Started teacher training in the United States and Mexico. I have been training and practicing yoga for over 30 years. He has been trained by Sivananda in Himalayas, Rishikesh and Uttarakashi, India.

He practices original chakra healing based on Reiki and Mahakala Healing.

Student voice


Until now, when I went to the studio, I felt that yoga made me feel good, and that even when I was depressed, yoga made me feel positive. I came here to deepen my understanding of yoga, and through the teacher training I actually learned about philosophy, asanas, and so on, I became convinced of the changes that yoga can bring. (Mr. T)

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  • 実際のLiveクラスを収録したものになります。ご了承ください。

  • ​こちらの動画は個人の学習の目的にのみご利用いただき、動画の無断転送や転売、許可なく集団での視聴は固く禁じます


What is necessary for taking the course (setting environment)?

You can watch from your computer or smartphone.
Videos can be downloaded from the Vimeo sales site, so once downloaded, you can watch them without an internet connection.




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